Harris Grade Road
Harris Grade Road is a California road in the Lompoc and Los Alamos vallery that goes from the intersection of California 135 to California 1 on the hill. The road used to be part of State Route 1 to Lompoc until 1988, the southbound route to Lompoc was then changed to the former County Route 20 and Harris Grade road became it's own road.

Road RestrictionsEdit

Due to collision and acceleration issues on the road with longer vehicles (including trucks and vehicles carrying trailers), the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors voted on a law to forbid vehicles (above the 30 feet limitations) from using that road to Lompoc from Highway 135 and past Burton Mesa Blvd.[1]

As a result of the state law being passed, warning signs have also been placed on roads to remind drivers who are heading to Lompoc to understand that the 30 feet long limitation was put in place to avoid further problems on the road which leaves the other vehicles above the limit to have to exit to the first state route or the San Antonio road to Lompoc on southbound and San Antonio road on northbound. Roads further from these two would leave them no choice but to head south on California 135.